Electric Ball Valve – An Overview

A motorized ball valve is used for waste pipe and relief systems in most offices and industrial plants. It has a variety of useful applications such as regulating water temperature, controlling gas and oil pressure and regulating the flow of air and steam through pipes. Motorized ball valves require an electrical connection between the valve itself and the waste pipe fittings and have a number of desirable advantages over conventional mechanical valves. They can be operated either mechanically or electronically and they are economical, long lasting and reliable.

To work properly, motorized ball valves should be installed according to instructions provided by the manufacturer. In general, two types of motorized ball valve are available. In the event you loved this article and also you want to get more info regarding Going At this website kindly stop by the webpage. The first type is the full port variety and the second type is the close-vent kind. Full port varieties require a long pipe to be connected between the valve and the fittings and these can only be done if the pipe is in a closed state. This restricts the use of the valve inside the flue to a small extent.

Close-vent varieties require that the end of the vent flue be vented to the outside through a draft tube and the valve body is left open at the vent position. It can still work in a closed position if the end of the pipe is in a closed position. Most manufacturers advise not using them indoors as they emit high levels of carbon monoxide into the environment. They are therefore unsuitable for use in residential areas. Apart from being expensive, they also consume large amounts of electricity. The additional cost of buying the required parts and repairing the existing valve may prove to be a costly affair.

If you are interested in these types of valves, you will notice that there are a number of suppliers who sell them. If you are looking for a particular brand or type of motorized ball valve, you will find that it is not difficult to locate them. However, if you have misplaced one you can get it from a supplier. Please, kindly take care when purchasing these valves as they are very delicate and thus require utmost care before handling.

You will find various different brands that produce these valves. Some names that immediately come to mind are K&N, Hayward and Presto. The most popularly known electric actuator used in these valves is the EZ Valve actuator. These can be operated in either the open or closed position but their advantage is that they never need the user to know the difference.

In the past, when K&N products were first introduced, they had limited appeal because they tended to break easily. This problem was addressed by the introduction of the K&N Pro Series Actuators that proved to be a stable and much more reliable source of motorized valves. K&N now offer a wide range of technologically advanced valves that have been developed for industrial, commercial and even household application. One example of this kind of valve is the Ball Valve actuator.

You will also find a full port and a half port version of the motorized ball valve available in the market. The full port ones are usually preferred by the heavy duty equipment manufacturing companies because they can handle high pressures and high temperatures. On the other hand, the half-port ones are favored for the domestic applications. The general performance of both the ports is almost the same and both perform adequately.

It would be worthwhile for you to do some research on the internet and find out which brand of electric ball valves performs well when it comes to performance and durability. You must also find out how reliable and robust the electric actuator is. You should also ensure that you are purchasing an actuator that is designed for high flow applications. This is important because you would want all your mechanisms to work smoothly and seamlessly even under extreme conditions. This way you will not need to use any power source and the motor will be running on battery alone.


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